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2120 West Broadway St., Vancouver  
(corner of Broadway & Arbutus)  
Phone : 604 730 0880  
e-mail: goodfood@transylvaniaflavour.com  
Martinis & Cocktails

Bela Lugosi 8
raspberry, vodka, goldshlager

There is no such thing as vampires… 8
vodka, cointreau, cranberry, sour cherry syrup

The Impaler 9
j.d., red bull, lime juice

The Bulevard 8
rye, lemonade, mint shaken

Carpathian Sunrise 8
stoli vanilla, malibu, cranberry, o.j.

Eternal life 10
vodka, goldshlager, apple wine

Buzdugan 9
slivo, gin, jaggermeister

Vampire’s Kiss 8
vodka, ginger syrup

The Countess 10
proseco, crown royale, grenadine

Up after dark …for Johnny 10
expressso, vanilla stoli, kahlua, baileys

Menu items & prices subject to change without notice

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